Another Month In Art… May

Posted: June 9, 2016 in creative challenge
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imaginepossI just realized that I forgot to post a May’s a Month in Art listing. Yes, I finished another month’s worth of art, doing one creative thing every day. This month featured a fair amount of cartoons, a few coloring pages and a lot of art ministry paintings. I created a new art ministry presentation on imagination, wrote more on a couple of book projects I am working on and wrote and presented several sermons at my church as well. Why do I share all this? Because it’s all creative. You do many creative thing too and my guess is if we were all a little more intentional about it, we would see great things happening.

buggyThat’s part of the reason why I love this project. Posting the work publicly and letting people know what I am doing gives me a degree of accountability. That helps on those days when I am blocked and need a little motivation. Again, I do take days off in here and some of the things that are here are multiple day projects. I also include my hobby creations because sometimes you have to do something just for fun and give yourself a little downtime and perhaps a diversion. All in all this has been very enjoyable. I’m over 150 days into this project and have over 150 creations to show for it. You can do it too.

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