I debated if I wanted to share this or not, because it could be construed as boastful and if you think I am being boastful, you’ll be missing the point. Saturday I was aggravated. I was about a half hour into a 400 mile road trip when nature called. No problem, I saw one of those signs on the interstate telling me there as a McDonald’s at the next exit. Well I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I decided, “I deserve a break today…” and I pulled off. It turns out there was a McDonald’s there alright, but like four miles off the highway. This is a huge peeve of mine. If you’re that far off the highway, please don’t add yourself to the sign. If I wanted to go miles and miles out of my way I’d get a real meal, but I digress.

To make matters worse, this McDonald’s was in a downtown location with no parking, just metered spaces about half a block a way… and me without a quarter. Well by now nature was really calling so I decided to risk it. I went to the restroom, placed my order, got my change and ran out to plug the meter while waiting for my food to be prepared. As I stepped out the door, I looked down to see a rather sizable sum of money laying on the street. Not a fortune, but multiple 20s. Now I had a dilemma. There was no one around who could have lost it, so there was no easy way to return it. I didn’t trust just walking into McDonald’s and saying, “Did anyone in here lose money?” So here’s what I did, I put it in my pocket, headed to the meter and I prayed, “Lord, I don’t want to keep this, it’s not mine, so please show me it’s owner.” I was walking back from the meter, when I saw a fellow pedestrian, a woman. At first she looked like she was just walking but then I noticed her glancing around as if she were looking for something. I said is everything okay. “She said I just lost (the exact amount of cash) and I thought maybe I dropped it here.” I reached into my pocket and said “Today is your lucky day.” She was in tears and said, “God bless you, You just made my day.” In actuality, that made my day just to hear it.

There were a couple things I learned from that. The first was, if you pray to be a blessing to someone, you might have to be inconvenienced to do it. I was irate, far to irate for the great weekend I was having, that I had to go miles out of my way to go to McDonald’s and yet 15 minutes is a really small price to pay to lift someone’s mood. The other is, I blew it. Here was a golden opportunity to give God glory and I dropped the ball. She even tried to give me some of the money, which I refused, yet somehow I didn’t manage to say anything about the one who kept me from saying, “I found multiple 20s, this is MY lucky day.” and keeping the cash. Scripture tells us to “ALWAYS be prepared to give a reason for the hope you have.” Guess I dropped the ball on that one, and I need to do better. God was faithful, I need to be more prepared.


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