Tell a Better Story: Lowes

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Storytelling
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I know they’re glorified commercials but every once in a while a company will make a viral video that is so touching that it transcends commerce and enters the realm of film making. Lowes has just done it. This piece, set to “We’ve Only Just Begun” is easily one of the most touching things I’ve seen, at least in this medium.

Friends as Christ following creatives we have a golden opportunity in this medium. The investment is smaller, the time frame shorter, and the potential for impact is huge. The short film is storytelling at it’s most basic. It requires getting things said clearly and succinctly. Oh, and by the way, it is the perfect medium for our always in a hurry, never a lot of time culture.

What could you do to touch hearts and minds in this genre? Maybe you’re not a film maker, but surely you could team up with someone and bring your gifts to the table to create something that shines, touches and spreads.

Enjoy this clip and let it inspire you to create.


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