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Alright I have had it. I know people and companies have a right to do what they want with their characters but I am what’s known as irate at the moment. I, Dave Weiss, am something of a comic book fan. I don’t geek out over them, but I really enjoy the movies, and being something of a cartoonist myself, I love using the medium of words and pictures to tell stories. The stories are the key. They’re a bit of escapism but they can also provide some pretty nice commentary on what’s going on in our world. Maybe that’s why I’m so irritated.

I know there’s a trend toward the anti-hero and I pretty much hate that and always have. These are people who vary from doing bad for good to villains and psychopaths that people inexplicably root for. I can’t stand it. I like my escapism a bit more black and white. The good guys fight the bad guys and while they may take a beating, at the end of the day the good guys win. It may not always happen like that in the real world, but it should. One guy we could always count on for this was Captain America. In a world full of bad guys, here was a guy that was truly all about truth, justice and the American way (Yes, I know that’s the other comic company, but you get the point). I say “was” for a reason.

The “geniuses” at Marvel have decided to start a new story arc which says Captain America is and always was a Hydra agent. Hydra came out of the WWII era and was based in Naziism. Yes folks according to these writers, Captain America is and always has been a Nazi. I’m infuriated. I know, I know, you might be thinking there are a lot more important things to get infuriated about. Oh believe me I know and I’m finding myself becoming increasingly flabbergasted in our world. In this generation that calls evil good (Isaiah 5:20), the first step is to make good evil. Am I aware that no one is perfect? Yes! Am I aware that everyone, even me, struggles with sin and evil? Yes, painfully aware! But what we are doing over and over again is glorifying the dark side of humanity. What is wrong with setting up an ideal? What is wrong with the good guys winning? What is wrong with giving us something to shoot for? Absolutely nothing. These stories are more than just comics, they’re part of the mythology of our society. If you want to wreck a society, the first step is to wreck its stories, take down its heroes and make them evil. There is an agenda here that is a lot bigger than a comic book and we ignore it at our peril.

This nation is far from perfect but there is still good here. We could still be the shining city on a hill that our forefathers intended and it all starts with the stories we tell. My creative brothers and sisters, the media has once again failed us. If positive, heroic stories are going to be told, they are going to have to be told by us. We have the opportunity to tell stories of good triumphing over evil, stories of self sacrificing good people who put others before themselves, stories of people who overcome adversity and stay good in spite of incredible odds. Of course these stories are patterned after the ultimate self-sacrificing Hero who really did always stay good, and yes the media has long tried to vilify Him too.

This world needs heroes, both real and fictional, who point us to the Hero who came to save us all. God help us!