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chris and usYesterday was one of those days that just makes you know God is good. It was also a reminder of all that I have to be grateful for. Yes it was a day for the record books. So let’s start at the beginning. It all starts with God. He put it all together, made it all work and provided every step of the way. If you read yesterday’s post you saw it was an anniversary of sorts for me and I called out God’s faithfulness in the last year, but it goes beyond that.

I’ve walked this earth for over 52 years now and God has been faithful in my life through absolutely all of it. Parents who love me and did their best, stuck it out through thick and thin and beyond. Then there is my loving wife Dawn. She might be God’s greatest gift to me next to Jesus. She’s the one who introduced me to Jesus and stood by me through everything. It was through her that so much of this blessed life came to be.

13173909_10154258277037845_3016386002059637652_nYou see yesterday, was the day my youngest son, Chris, graduated from College. That was weird, in the best way something can be weird. Seeing him receive his degree, my mind transported me back to the delivery room, putting him on the Kindergarten bus, you name it. Then there was the fact that he got his diploma next to his lifelong friend Amanda. The first time I saw him and Amanda together, they were both in first grade standing in line waiting to go to music class. When they saw me she laid her head on his shoulder. It was the cutest thing, and what a fitting way to close out this phase of their school career, side by side. Chris is now looking to become a teacher and I have no doubt he will be brilliant at it. When it comes to this stuff, he is beyond creative. Pray that the right people see that and he finds a position that will let him flourish and be the awesome educator I know he can be.

chrisbrandonstacydavidMy favorite photo of the day is this one. My two sons, my daughter in law and my grandson. Yes I’m that old. My oldest son Brandon is a farmer. He and his wife, Stacy own a farm that is doing quite well. I know you have to be careful with pride, but I am quite proud of Brandon too. His grasp of business and the multitude of skills his profession requires is mind-blowing to me.

While I am at counting my blessings, I consider that I have two sons, one a successful entrepreneur and the other a college graduate, not too shabby. I am blessed. My daughter-in-law is like a daughter to Dawn and I. She’s a teacher, a great wife and mom (Happy Mother’s Day Stacy), I should know, I picked her myself (that’s a funny story for a different day). And that little guy in the picture, well his name is David Weiss too and while I know I’m not the only David he’s named for, he still makes me pretty happy.

I have all of this, a ministry, a pastorate and eternal life at least in part because my sister set me up on a blind date with a preacher’s daughter at a time when I was pretty far from God, and I fought the instinct to run. God has used her so mightily in my life.
I love my wife.

Happy Mothers Day Honey