In It for the Money?

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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ingodwetrustArtists and ministers have a similar problem. To a lot of people’s minds, money (you know, getting paid) cheapens the process. I’ve chosen (and been called) to be both and if you’re reading this, likely so have you. One of the comments that seems to resonate is “He or she is only in it for the money.” So let’s start off with a truth. NO ONE goes into art or ministry for the money. It simply isn’t done, and if it is, the person has not been paying attention. Art and ministry are things you do because they are a part of who you are and who you are called and gifted to be.

For example, while most people are immensely generous with my ministry, I am also amazed how many people ask me if there is a fee, as if I can afford to travel hundreds of miles and use hundreds of dollars worth of materials for free. I’m an artist and a minister, remember. And yes, I know “my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills” and He loves a cheerful giver, and without wanting to sound boastful, I give a lot of stuff away, but that’s not the point I am trying to make.

I used to fear people saying I am in it for the money. I don’t anymore and you probably shouldn’t either. I know my heart and my motivation. I know that the people who might want to pass that judgement, don’t do everything they do for free. I know what the things I use cost and I know the voice of my Master. When an opportunity comes and I feel His leading, I will do it for free and trust that He will provide, but for the most part, the people who choose to bring me in and pay are a part of the way He provides. You can’t feel bad about charging something for your work. No one else does. What you do has value. If you don’t see the value in your work, no one else will.

About now some people will be saying “The love of money is the root of all evil.” To you I say “Don’t muzzle the ox” and “A workman is worthy of his hire.” It’s this simple, if you’re an artist and/or a minister, and you’re in it for the money, you haven’t done your homework. Please do something else. On the other hand, if you’re an artist and/or a minister and you’re trying to use your gifts to serve the Lord, what people pay you may well be the way God provides for you to do more. Receive it with joy, share it and tithe on it.

You’re not in it for the money. If you were, you’d likely be doing something else.


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