Blessings in Chaos

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Well yesterday I had a plan. I had a lot of things I was going to get done and then life happened. My wife went out to her car to go to work and it sounded more like a Harley than a Nissan. Something was wrong with it, which meant she was taking my vehicle and my job was now to get the car to the garage. The problem is the garage is five miles away and my one son is student teaching and the other was already at work. Now what would I do?

Well fortunately my parents live in the same town as the garage. So I called my mom and she said she could bring me home. Then when I got to their house, mom asked if I wanted to go to breakfast with her. I had already eaten, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with her lately so I went along. My schedule for the day was out window, but here’s the thing. The time with my mom and her friends was a great blessing. As she was driving me home, mom made it clear that she was blessed with the time together too.

Why do I share this, well the guy who so often writes about setting deadlines and how deadlines are our friends also occasionally needs to make the point that some things are more important. Sometimes your schedule can wait. Sometimes it should. In the midst of all of our trying to accomplish, don’t forget to enjoy life’s blessings.

In out lives most things are important. Sometimes we need to pick the most important.

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