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Facing_the_giantsI’m on a couple of Facebook lists for Christians in the arts. One thing I have noticed is how quick we are to “eat our own.” I see person after person bagging on Christian movies, talking about how bad they are. They may even have some legitimate concerns but to be honest, it leaves me cold. Complaining is easy, anybody can do it, and frankly I’m not interested.

I remember a long time ago I was with a group of other ministry guys and we were trying to determine whether Facing the Giants, an early Kendrick Brothers film was good enough to be included in something we were working on. The consensus was, “No.” I was not in agreement with the consensus. Here’s why: Was it the best movie I had ever seen? Not by a long shot, but it was a church actually trying to do something I have been advocating for years, impacting the culture. And while it was an imperfect film, it was a good effort and it touched quite a few people and the thing is their work continues to improve and gain more of an audience. We need to support people doing these things.

God's_Not_Dead_2_posterOf course some will cry out about the quality and excellence, so here’s a question: How many Hollywood movies stink on ice? Frankly a lot of them but we keep going to see them. Why not cut a break to our brothers and sisters with the guts to risk their resources and put something out there for the world to see? Or will we once again be the army who shoots its wounded and cuts down people for making an effort?

Here’s what I’ve decided. I’ve come to the conclusion that those who can do, do, and those who can’t do become critics. If I see something that I think is not up to par, I will make a choice. I will ask myself, could I do better, and if the answer is yes, then I guess I have my inspiration and maybe even my call. If the answer is no…

I’ll shut up.