A Year In Art Continues

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Art Technique, books

elephantcookbookWell March 2016 is behind us and with it 31 more pieces have been added to my year in art collection. It’s been a lot of fun and in truth, many more than those 31 have been created. This is just a random sampling.

Why am I posting this? It’s not to be boastful. It’s to show you that you an do more than you think you can. I recommend creating every day to keep your skills sharp and learn new things and just generally to keep your creativity firing on all cylinders. You don’t have to do a completed piece each day, you just have to do something. Maybe your project is much larger than this, maybe you’re writing a novel or creating a much more detailed involved piece. That’s perfectly acceptable, but the key is to plug away at it a little at a time. Break the project up into manageable steps until it’s done.

However you work, the key to success is finishing the work and the best way to finish the work is to do something every day, giving yourself a Sabbath to worship, rest and recuperate. (In may case, doing multiple pieces most days, I post one of my extra pieces for the Sabbath in the hopes of staying consistent.

You can check out March’s pieces here.


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