Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m Time Traveling a little today, but it’s been a busy couple of days and I didn’t write for two days. The page is actually being written on April 1 and pushed back in time to March 30 for the purposes of consistency. Because today that’s what I want to talk about, consistency.

It may seem pointless to write a post for a day I missed, and that may even be true, but here’s what I know for sure, my hits are usually at least 30-50 a day. Yes I know I’m no threat to the NY Times, but I have a nice group of faithful readers in a very niche “market” creative arts ministry. On days when I didn’t post, those hits dropped to less than 10. This shows the importance of consistency. I believe in my cause, my ministry, and I want to see it expand. This has very little with growing my platform and very much to do with my belief that the church needs to be more creative and my call to encourage creatives within the church. Consistent posting is important. So is consistency in general.

Think about it, inconsistency is like breaking a promise. People come to depend on you for something and all of the sudden you’re not delivering. Before long they no longer see you as dependable. As creatives, we need to be really consistent or we lose our credibility. Of course the way best way to stay consistent is to be creative. For example, the reason I didn’t post on creative ministry is largely because I was really busy DOING creative ministry. I have a friends and family Sunday at my church this week and I am pulling out all the stops. What I should have done was taken a few minutes out and shared what I was working on. Those could have been valuable or at least interesting, especially since what I was doing is pretty directly related to the main reason this blog exists. A little creativity would have bridged the gap in this blog with some genuinely useful information. I’m going to go and fill those in now.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to post every day. There are days where that feels like I bit off more than I can chew. What you do need to do is set a schedule and deliver when you say you’re going to deliver. It’s called consistency and it’s important.

To my faithful readers, I am sorry for my inconsistency and I am now going to try to get back on track.

How can you consistently deliver what it is that you do?


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