Great Thoughts on Having a Cause from Hugh MacLeod

Posted: March 29, 2016 in books, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Hugh MacLeod is an amazing artist/thinker/writer. He leaped to fame by drawing on the back of his business cards and turning that into a business. He is the author of some truly amazing books like:

and he has an amazing blog at This is a recent post that bears repeating, and while his writing applies mainly to the business world, it could definitely apply to the church as well.

Advice to employers: If you want to attract Millennials, don’t offer them a job, offer them a cause.

Millennials aren’t worried about starving to death; they’re not worried about being killed in wars or dying of the plague. This isn’t the Fourteenth Century.

No, millennials are worried about ending up with a meaningless life, an existence without purpose.

Millennials are in search for a compelling narrative, one that takes their gaze away from the abyss.

Sure, you can offer them a good salary, excellent opportunities for promotion, terrific benefits and all that.

But that’s not what they’re REALLY looking for, even if they tell you otherwise.

The cause. It’s all about the cause.

So now you know.

The cause of Christ is a great cause, and in that single cause are a multitude of things, life changing things, world-changing things, you and your church can focus on. Find that focus, and work toward it, then invite as many people as possible into your journey. As church leaders (and if you’re reading this, you probably are one), this might be the best thing we can focus on if we want to bring the next generation into the church.

What’s your cause?


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