Okay, I always get a little nervous when “Hollywood” tries to tell the story of Jesus, especially of the Crucifixion, but I watched a good portion of Tyler Perry’s The Passion live TV musical and it was wonderful. Telling the story outdoors, live as a procession built while carrying a huge illuminated cross through the streets of New Orleans was brilliance. This was the ultimate example of taking it to the streets. Perry’s narration included some of the most unashamed of the Gospel presentations I have ever seen. This was beautifully done.

I also loved the music they used. Rather than writing new songs or using existing Christian songs, they used pop songs that were slightly rearranged to fit the story. Using songs so many people already know allowed people to connect with the story. I know some detractors didn’t like this, but as a person who realizes the importance of meeting people where they are I saw this as a stroke of genius. Overall I thought this was excellent and I am sure opened eyes to the Gospel story.

That is the soul of telling a better story.

Here’s a prime example of what I’m talking about. Chris Daughtry as Judas and Jencarlos Canela as Jesus sing Imagine Dragons “Demons.” This is great stuff.


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