For my church’s communion (Love Feast) service, I decided to do something little different. We use similar passages of Scripture each time, much of which revolves around John 13, where Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, then they ate a meal together and of course communion which comes from several other passages. Of course the trouble with services like this is after a while you’ve covered a lot of the ground in the Scripture. Some of my folks have been participating in this service for close to half a century. How do you keep it fresh, while maintaining total Scriptural integrity? Very creatively.

This time I am calling service Love Feast Through Their Eyes. I will be looking at each of the elements through the eyes of someone who was there in the room on that blessed night. Foot washing will be through the eyes of Peter. The meal through the eyes of Judas and finally communion through the eyes of the beloved disciple, John. I will be delivering them as monologues as if I were each of these men.

So how do I extrapolate these monologues? Well of course it begins with prayer. Then I read and study the main passage, before looking for related passages which I also study. For foot washing with Peter, the account directly in the text was pretty complete, but I decided to look at the last time Peter tried to correct Jesus for some material to flesh out the story a bit. For Judas, I looked not only at the account of what happened on Maundy Thursday, but also at the account of what happened to make Judas sell Jesus out. For John with the communion, I also looked at the time when Jesus lost most of his followers when he started to talk about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

All in al I have come up with some things I am quite happy with and I pray my congregation will be blessed. When the service has been finished, I will probably record the monologues and share them here.

Has your church ever done a love feast service? I am here to tell you it is one of the most meaningful nights in our church year and I have been feeling led and challenged to create something where I can take the service far beyond my denomination. I truly believe this service could bless every believer.


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