Well I can’t speak for you, but the upcoming U.S. presidential election is downright depressing for me. As I look at the frontrunners, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, I can’t see one of them that will be good for us, but it’s worse than that. We live in a nation that elects it’s leaders. If these are the best we can select, one thing has become really apparent. The church has been asleep at the wheel. After all, if the leaders look like the nation, the nation is way, way, way off track. Church, having this nation on track with Christ is OUR JOB, not Washington’s. We were given a commission, remember?

If the nation is not following Christ, the church must at least partially bear the blame. I’m not talking about churches stumping for candidates, we do too much of that already. Our endorsement for leadership of this nation cannot fall to any man (or woman), our endorsement for this nation needs to be the only one fit to lead it, Jesus Christ. Were we to be helping people to follow Jesus, we might have a prayer of having leaders who follow Jesus. It’s why I created this graphic.


Yeshua Hamashiach is the Hebrew name for Jesus. I used this rather than just Jesus Christ so that people might look him up and find more information or message me to find out more. No, I don’t believe this is a substitute for evangelism, I think it might open a door for discussion and give some people hope in a pretty hopeless election year. Please share it as often as you can.

Here’s what it boils down to. We are commanded to pray for our leaders. Whoever is elected to the highest office in our land will need our prayers, whether you like their policies or not. Also we are not electing a Messiah. That position has been filled and none of these people (nor anyone but Jesus) will be able to ultimately rescue us. Instead we cast our vote and get back to the matter at hand, leading this nation to Jesus Christ.

Ultimately that is what will bring the change.

We cannot stop until everyone elects to follow Yeshua Hamashiach.


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