I found this cartoon online and it showed something most artists have faced in their lives.
Who among us hasn’t heard, “Why don’t you do something more practical? Be realistic. You can’t make a living as an artist. What’s your fall back? You’ll STARVE!” I heard it. It’s why I went to school to be an electronics engineer. It was something for which I had no aptitude and no ability. I flunked out in a year and set about to do my life’s work and while it has not always been glamorous, okay it mostly hasn’t been glamorous, the size of my gut proves I have not starved.

It wasn’t easy, but what good thing is? This broken twisted road to the arts and ministry (something I never considered early on) has turned into a pretty good life. God has blessed me. I want to finish with this. There is nothing in this world more practical for you to do than the thing you were created to do. Finding that is half the battle, but once you’ve found it… What a life!

Love the people who want you to be practical, they care and they’re looking our for you. They want to set you on an easier path. But the easier path isn’t always (or even usually) the right one. Look at your gifts, your talents, be honest with yourself and do what you were created to do.

In the end that’s the most practical path.


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