Letting My Mind Wander

Posted: March 1, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I am sitting at the car dealership, waiting for Dawn’s trusty Sentra to be inspected. I’m at a counter looking into the garage through a large glass window, a bottle of free lemonade tea in hand, trying to figure out what to write today. Sometimes it works like that, I come to the screen blank, seeking the Lord, sure that something will materialize. The trick is not so much waiting for inspiration, but getting started.

Starting is the key, well right after prayer. Put your fingers to the keys (or brush to canvas, or pencil to paper, or whatever) and start and suddenly, there it is. Something that will be helpful, something to share with the world. It all starts with starting. You may be imagining that annoying Captain Obvious character from the commercials right now, but ask yourself this question: How many times have you given up before you started? We wait for that wispy thing called inspiration to show up and before long we’ve moved to social media or one of a thousand other time sucking vampires that draw us away from the task at hand. Don’t do it. Instead, just start something.

This creative life is more blue-collar than most people think. There really is no substitute for the nose to the grindstone approach. Start something and keep going. Work until you find the project. Sketch, doodle, free-write, until the work begins to become coherent and then do the next most important thing… FINISH what you started. Not sure how to finish? Keep taking step after step until you have something you would share with the world. After all, that is the ultimate end of creating, is it not? The project is not finished until it reaches it’s audience. We create to be a blessing so we’re not really done until someone is blessed, or reached, or touched, or moved, or challenged, or whatever.

Creativity starts in the mind. Sometimes you just have to let your mind wander, but while you’re wandering, put some action to it. You might be surprised what ends up coming from it.


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