In recent years there’s been a movement called Black Lives Matter. You’d have to have been living under a rock in the U.S. to have missed it. Many folks hear that and want to cry out “all lives matter…” Somehow that has been perceived as a racist statement, and in some cases it might be, but at the heart of all of this is a question we all ask at one time or another, “Do I matter?”

At the end of the day, I believe this is the cry of the human heart. Does the fact that I have been on this planet mean anything? Is my life significant? Am I making an impact? If I was gone would anyone notice? Do I matter? Creatives seem especially vulnerable in this area and many people walk around in despair because of it. I’ve been victim of this line of thinking on many occasions and I can still be vulnerable to it if I’m not careful.

So today I want to answer that most basic question. “Yes, you matter.” You see too often, we want to look at this on a grand scale. We think pro-athletes and actors and celebrities and politicians and those who have been huge successes matter, and they do, but they’re not the only ones. By contrast, we look at those who labor in anonymity and think they don’t matter. If we think that we’re wrong.

Those people matter too. Think about a rock concert. Sure we’re all there to see the musician, but it’s the guys at the sound and lighting board that allow him to be heard and the sound man, the musician and the audience can’t enter the building were it not for the guy who opened the door. The building would not be suitable for human habitation after relatively few events, were it not for the people who clean it (though, come on people, we really should clean up after ourselves). The musician might be the star, but without all those people doing their jobs, he’d be playing on the streets, for the love of his craft, which by the way would also matter. The arts (and artists) don’t matter because of money, we give them money because what they do matters to us. It brings us joy and bringers of joy matter.

My mother-in-law, Ruth Good, is someone you’ve probably never heard of, until now. She’s 89 and a life-long housewife and the mother of eight. You might not have heard of her, but every summer, I see about 50-75 people who would not exist were it not for her and the number increases every year, not to mention all the people that will enter eternal life because God used her to teach Sunday school, serve the church and give encouragement to many (like me), not to mention the prayers. At 89, physical things are more of a struggle, but she has a prayer list that is huge and she is still quick to encourage. Trust me when I tell you, she matters.

You matter. What you’re doing right now, good or bad, matters. You’re either making a difference, making a mess, or something in between, but what you do matters. Everything we do touches lives. In big and small ways, we all matter and our lives set off chain reactions that touch the world. It’s not a matter of if we matter, but how we matter, everyone matters. In this sense, every life matters and how we choose to live matters.

Knowing you matter, matters.

And knowing how much you matter, really matters. People who think they don’t matter will go to great and/or horrendous lengths to show they matter, and that can be great or disastrous. So I close with this thought. There is a God and you are His workmanship. He created you to do something good in this world. Notice the last four letters of the word “significant” spell out “I can’t” and this is a great truth. You can’t make yourself significant. I’m not saying this so you give up. I tell you this because you’re already significant, because God made you significant. You matter because you matter to Him. When the Creator of matter tells you you matter, you better believe it. You’re part of his plan for the universe. This one life and how you live it matters. You matter because you exist and God proves you matter because He allowed His only Son to lay down His life for your eternity. The Son of God was traded for you.

You matter. Believe it and live like you believe it.


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