I watched him say goodbye today. A man, a friend, a brother in Christ, let go of his wife, three months short of what would have been their 60th wedding anniversary. I watched as he spoke tender unheard words to her. Sickness stole her memory, her health and finally her life. I listened to the stories of their life together, and the love they had was so clear. My job was to tell their story to a congregation of people, but that story was better told in that moment of tender words at her casket. This was for better, for worse, in sickness and in health modeled for all that saw them. This was real abiding, time tested love. This woman loved Jesus, and on this day, I saw her husband entrust her to the only One who loved her more.

Their trust is rewarded today. Faith in Jesus always is. May we all live in the blessed hope of a love that never dies. You see, for a believer, goodbye is not goodbye, it’s a temporary parting. One mission complete, one continues. We all have our race to run. God is always faithful, always good, always knows what He is doing. Even the toughest situations end in grace and mercy embraced in a loving eternity.

Where have you placed your hope?


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