Why I Create and Write (Nearly) Everyday.

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Okay there are days where I miss a day and have to make it up, but for the most part, I post every day and I am making at least one piece of art every day. Why would I do that?

Am I showing off? No, that’s not it. I love to create and I enjoy inspiring people to create, but it’s not showing off. Actually, there are a few reasons.

Faithfulness: Using my gift each day helps me to keep my creative abilities sharp and challenges me to work hard. I also want to honor God. He gave me my gifts and part of my life’s purpose is to use them. Lastly, I want to honor your attentiveness by bringing you good content as often as possible. For all these reasons, I try to post every day and make up on those occasions when I miss.

Valuing ideas: When I have an idea, I need to get it down on paper (or pixels or canvas, or whatever). Ideas are valuable and need to be handled well. Even if the idea is well ahead of it’s time, recording it helps to keep it in mind when it is time to bring it to fruition.

Love: Quite simply, I love to create, putting these things out is fun for me and I genuinely enjoy it.

Focus: Having to create daily keeps me looking for new material. Knowing there are people out there that look for my content, keeps me seeking ideas, opportunities and even great stuff other people are sharing. I’d love to be a source of inspiration for as many as possible, finding and creating good material is a huge part of that.

Now a few things. I do not usually actually create every day. Life experience has made me a fan of taking a break or, as scripture calls it, a Sabbath. To compensate, I will post a day or two ahead. For example, I know that I will be on a speaking tour a few weeks from today for the better part of two weeks, As a result, I have been doing advance cartoons for Creacher and will also be stockpiling posts for this blog. In that way, I will be able to post consistently even if I have a long day on the road or no access to wifi, things should flow without a hitch.

The bottom line is this, creating daily keeps me sharp and makes me dependable. It allows me to gain and share inspiration and forces me to continually seek the source of my inspiration. Create as often as you can and connect with the Lord every day.


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