Squandered Resources and Missed Opportunities

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Storytelling, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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hail-cesarMy wife and I had some wonderful plans for Valentines Day. Yes, I know, Valentines Day is today, but I’m a pastor and my Sundays are a little busy, so we decided to celebrate yesterday. Unfortunately, yesterday our area plunged into a deep freeze complete with a massive accident nearby, so we decided to stay near home and do the old faithful, dinner and a movie.

Of course, the standard question then ensued… which movie? I heard Deadpool is pretty vulgar and probably not the best Valentines fare (also it’s probably inappropriate for someone in my profession). Zoolander II looked funny, but those things can be hit or miss, but then there was a third option, Hail Caesar. With a huge cast of many of Hollywood’s hottest actors, it looked like an instant classic, and it should be, but it wasn’t. Here’s why:

Starting with the positives, they really captured the feel of old Hollywood and there are some really good performances. The problem is there are too many. Each of these amazing actors had some chops, the problem was they tried to throw them all into a two hour movie. As a result, none of the characters were developed and what could have been a dozen great storylines, never really developed, in the process, they lost the plot and it became really disjointed. The movie had to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m sure none of these amazing people came cheap, and the sets and such were amazing, but my wife and I both came away dazed and confused.

Squandered resources and missed opportunities.

Churches can be like this. They try to be all things to all people. They have a million things going and nothing gets fully developed. It can end up getting over busy, burned out and losing the plot. Oddly enough, Hail Caesar was built around a movie trying to tell the story of Jesus from the perspective of a Roman centurion, (which was kind of interesting when one considers one of the previews before the movie was for the new movie Risen, about the story of Jesus from the perspective of a Roman centurion, but I digress.) Likewise the story of Jesus is our plot. We dare not lose that plot in busyness. Better to have all of our “stars” working together to bring out one cohesive story. Otherwise people will walk away dazed and confused and if that happens all we’ve done is squander resources and miss opportunities.



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