Did You Ever Want to Paint (or Color)? Did You Ever Want to Draw?

Posted: February 9, 2016 in books
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When my sons were younger I used to show them a great little PBS show called Pappy Land. It was all about making art and I was sort of hoping one of them would get the drawing bug. Neither of them really did, though they are both creative in their own ways. Nonetheless I still take a fair amount of ribbing over Pappy Land and it only got worse when I became a Pappy. The first lines of the theme song for the show were “Did You Ever Want to Paint? Did You Ever Want to Draw?” Well I still try to help people learn to paint, draw, etc.

These three titles are my latest efforts. Two Adult Coloring Books and a Bible Art Journal.

I also have several books with creative prompts that you might enjoy.


To get your copy of the book, just click its cover. I know I have posted a few posts like this recently. To be honest, I am trying to keep my Amazon referrals page open. They will cost my account if I do no make some sales and these links bring a little bit of income to this ministry so I am trying to keep them open. If any of these books sound interesting to you, please pick them up. I’ve done my best to make some really useful tools here and I believe they will be a blessing.


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