photo 2-3This might be the toughest. So many problems we face come out of this idol and it also appears to come out of innocence and pain which makes it really hard to call out. Do I matter? Am I enough? Am I worth anything? I’ll confess this is the one that almost ruined me and still the one I need to guard against the most. My guess is I am not alone.

I was that kid. The one everyone picked apart and picked on and abused, a human target and really badly broken. There was only one thing I did really well, or so I thought. I was an artist. I could draw better than just about any of my peers. But something happens, about the time we start to learn to “Be realistic” people start to say you can’t be an artist for a living and you need to do something else. The one thing I was good at was being discounted by just about everyone. “You do art? Great, what are you going to do for a living?” I went to school for something else, failed miserably, fell even deeper into my hole and almost gave up. Instead I started to hustle and I got a great gig, freelancing for a licensee of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This guy told me he was going to do for my career what was done for the guys who created the turtles. It was a lie, but I believed him. He was going to make me rich and famous. I would be able to give my family everything they ever wanted, but that wasn’t really wanted. I wanted to show them all. I wanted to know that I had value. I wanted to be significant.

What’s really a shame was I should have known better. I was already a Christian, but old wounds cut pretty deep. I chased after significance above everything else and I was losing everything, laying it al on the altar of my art career because that was what was going to make me somebody. In the process, I sinned over and over again. I put my family, my faith and even my God on the back burner. My work was my god and it was killing me. 20 hours a day, seven days a week for months on end all to prove I matter. All for the call of significance.

So many people fall victim of this, but the truth is there is an easy fix to this. There is an easy, two-step way to overcome it. Are you ready? Here it is! Know who God is and know who you are. God is your Father and He is good. He loves you sacrificially, He gave His only son for you. Do you understand what that means? Do you understand how much you matter to Him. You matter to the one who matters most. As to who you are? You are His child. You are a joint heir with Jesus. You are His workmanship, a hand made original, created on purpose for a purpose. He made you to be part of His kingdom.

I want to tell you something, you are significant, you do matter and you are loved. It gets better, but you have to watch what you chase. If you chase significance, you will quickly understand that its never enough. You’ll always want more and you’ll always be miserable. You need to know you matter to God and because of that you already matter. You no longer need to chase mattering. Instead, just be faithful. Give God your best and give your best to every day.

You’re already significant. Hold on to Jesus and live.


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