photo 3-2So often we think we have to be in control. We have to know the outcome before we act. Here’s the truth, control is an illusion for humanity. Now this is different from self-control, which is a fruit of the Spirit and lets face it, even that is harder than it would appear. I’m talking about the kind of control freak, control we try to have. The thing is self control is the only kind of control you’re ever going to have.

Think about driving on a snowy day. You may have your vehicle under control. You may be driving carefully, doing everything right, even being extra cautious. Forget for a minute that the road conditions are out of your control, let’s just thing about that other driver. You see he has an SUV, this means the laws of gravity, momentum and inertia don’t apply to him. He flies by you like the road is clear and dry and of course the laws of physics win. He goes into a spin and you collide. You had everything under control, and still you had no control because other people are beyond your control.

Many things are, control is an illusion, that can be quickly snapped away by the actions of others and all the things that happen in our broken world. Control becomes an idol as we begin to try to take it and we get thoroughly disillusioned with God when our control, which is really just an illusion goes away. The enemy likes it that way. He wants you to grasp at control because it takes away from the number one thing we need to do. Control ourselves through the power of the Spirit and trust God in every other circumstance.

I liken this to art. Sometimes everything goes just right and sometimes your media and materials don’t seem to cooperate at all. When that happens you can take a couple of courses of action. You can fight to control it, you can give up, or you can embrace what life throws at you and move on. One of my favorite things to do when I paint live is to allow five or six people to come up at the beginning of a service and make a mark on my canvas. Then I go in and make a painting out of what they gave me. It’s a great exercise but in order to do it, I have to relinquish control and play the cards I’m dealt.

God is not about control. He is in control. What He wants from us is faithfulness. In order to act in faithfulness, there is only one thing you can do. Trust God. In order to trust God, you have to know God and when you begin to understand the kind of love He has for you and the depth of love He has for you, it’s easy to give Him control.

You might as well because He is in control. Anything else is an illusion.


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