Posted: January 23, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Today I wax poetic about one of my least favorite things…

I do not like white all around.
I do not like snow on the ground.
and the more the snow that shall fall,
I do not like it, no not at all.
I know, I know it sure looks pretty.
but it’s cold and wet, icy and gritty.
I’ve never been a fan of snow.
but there is one thing I surely know.
I always know my God is good.
I may not like snow, but I probably should.
So though the stuff keeps falling down
and shoveling will soon abound.
God has a purpose in this stuff.
and He will know when enough’s enough.
I thank Him I’ve no place to go,
and say, “Okay Father, let it snow.”

Yes, I know it’s more Seuss than Frost or Keats but it relates some truth, we don’t have to be huge fans of everything that God does, but everything that God does is good.


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