The Crossroads of Creativity

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I have come to a conclusion. We all are called to creativity, That’s right every single one of us. Every man, woman and child. I will go one step further and say that everyone has the ability to be creative. The problem is we too often associate creativity with the arts and believe because we are not artistically gifted we aren’t creative, so I will go one step further, everyone has the capacity to express themselves artistically. I know some people will think I am crazy, but when we were children, we all made art, and sang and made up stories, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Do you know why we could do that? We were born with the ability. Somewhere along the way, we began to compare ourselves with others and unfortunately many buried their gift, thinking it inferior. What a tragedy, but I’ll leave art for another day. Today I want to talk about creativity.

You are creative and today I am going to show you how to give that creativity expression. Let’s start with the obvious. All of us have at least one talent, a special ability, something we do well. You may not be the best in the world (only one person can be that in any given field and even that is subjective), but you can do something that can benefit someone else, correct? Yes, I am correct, stop arguing with me. You have at least one special ability.

Now let’s look at your passions. The things you care about deeply. The people you want to help, the wrongs you want to see righted. I’m sure you an list plenty of them as well. Those things you think somebody should do something about? Yeah, your life is going to be a lot happier when you realize “somebody” is you. So you know your passions and you know your abilities? Now here’s what you need to do. Imagine your abilities on one line and your passions on a perpendicular line. Imagine the lines converge into a cross roads, this is the place where your passions and abilities meet. We call that the crossroads, maybe even the sweet spot. The place where those two lines meet is the place where you can see how your abilities can be used to make a difference in your problem. It may not solve the whole problem, but it’s a step in the right direction. Our job, then is to find the crossroads, that sweet spot where passion becomes purpose and our abilities are used to get it done or at least move the ball forward.

Purpose is found at the cross roads. Go there and live it.


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