The Artist Leader from Rory Noland

Posted: January 14, 2016 in books
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Hi everyone,
Maybe it’s me, but I doubt it. I am looking at making a transition to a new role. I will give more on this at a later date, and have no fear my creative arts ministry and this website will be continuing regardless, but the new role will be more leadership than artistry. While I am thrilled and excited there is always this little part of me that wonders how well I will do at being both leader and artist. God’s providence and timing are absolutely uncanny as this morning while going through Rory Noland’s classic, Heart of the Artist, he wrote about experiencing the same struggle. As music director of one of the nations most influential churches he found himself in a struggle, making him ask the question should he quit leadership and be a full time artist, or quit his art and be a full time leader. God told him what I believe He is telling me and maybe you. He wants unto be both.

Here are excerpts from the chapter…
“Be a Full-Time Artist
1 Timothy 4:14 says, “Do not neglect your gift.” Don’t give up on your art. Don’t neglect your talent. Don’t worry about whether you’re talented enough. That’s not the point. Whether your gift attracts large crowds or no crowds at all, it’s not to be neglected. Be a full-time artist…”

“Be a Full-Time Leader
We desperately need leadership in church programming ministries these days. I see a lot of artists sharing back from leadership because they don’t see themselves to be the leader type. We may not fit the stereotype of the leader who runs a business or heads a company, but God hasn’t called us to lead a business, He’s called us to lead artists. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best person to lead artists is someone who’s an artist. Some of you are holding back from taking strong leadership because you’re waiting for someone else to come along and tell you it’s okay. Don’t wait for the pastor or someone else you respect to say, “You’re good at this. Do it.” Don’t wait for someone else to empower you. If you’ve been called to lead, Jesus hs given you the authority to lead. Stop waiting for someone else to validate you.”

Now of course the last part of this assumes you are in a leadership role in your church, but if you’re not, gather a group of creatives and work together. Create on your own and work toward getting your work to where it needs to be. Some will create for the church, others will create beyond the walls but if God is calling you to lead, start leading and as you lead, pray. If God has called, He will open the doors.

You can be both an artist and a leader. As a matter of fact, we need all the leaders we can get, because I am convinced that arts ministry is a move of God and Noland is right, the best person to lead artists is an artist.

Maybe it’s time to take the lead.


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