What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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You have a dream, you have a vision and it’s beautiful. It’s clearly God-inspired or at least God-honoring and you know it represents an amazing reality, just as soon as you can bring it to fruition, but there’s the problem. All of the sudden, you go to begin and you realize you have no idea where to start. It just got real, and you realize if you don’t get real, it will never be real. All of the sudden that dream starts to look like it’s just too out of reach and the dream starts feeling a little more like a nightmare. You can almost hear the obnoxious person from the commercials saying, “You can’t get there from here…” What do you do?

Well first of all, don’t panic and don’t give up, God doesn’t give us dreams and visions to frustrate us. He loves us. He might be teaching us patience, He might be teaching us to wait, but He’s not trying to frustrate us. God is always good and so are the dreams and visions He gives us. If you think you want it to be reality, imagine how it is for Him. He could do it in a tenth of a heartbeat all by Himself, but instead He chooses to work through us, to allow us to serve Him. He gives us the privilege of bringing something to life. He endows us with creativity and equips us to create a better reality.

The dream is not a nightmare and if it looks like it’s too far off, congratulations, this means you may have picked a God sized dream. The things that are small enough for you to be able to handle all by yourself miss the point. In this life we are supposed to depend on God. We are not independent, we are dependent on God. We are not self-sufficient. Rather we depend on God’s sufficiency. If a dream is so big it can only reach fruition with the help of God, you are probably on the right track. I love that analogy, because in the God-scheme of things, we don’t lay our own track. We step onto God’s track and we roll and we let God much, pull and prod us on to the great things He intends for us.

The key then is following the track. The first step is finding the right track. This involves prayer and self-examination. Ask God where He wants you to go and what He wants you to do and then check yourself. Where are you gifted? What are you passionate about? What makes you feel like you’re in the zone, or on the right track? These things are great indications of God’s design for your life, they show us possible tracks to take.

Next, allow God to drive. Let Him set the pace and the tone. If you get on the wrong track, know that God is more than capable of moving you in the right direction.

Be faithful. I know I sound like a broken record on this, but it remains the truth. Show up, do the work and do the best you can with what you have been given for today. It might take you a lifetime to reach your vision, or you might only move the ball a little further down the field, but progress will have been made. It all comes down to making the next right step and by the way if you take a wrong one, it’s okay as long as you’re letting God drive. I’ve heard a speaker once say that it’s easier to steer a moving car and it’s easier for God to steer a moving life.

Here’s the thing, all these dreams and visions God gives us are part of a huge master plan… God’s plan. Working toward these goals is all about building His Kingdom.
What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?

Seek God, take the next right step and DO SOMETHING!

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