One thing that is very helpful is getting to know your audience. While working on my first two coloring books, I was in discussions with a vibrant community of adult coloring enthusiasts. I began to see that one of the things the people were dissatisfied with in most books was the quality of the paper and the bleed-through of markers and water media. I found that people like to download their images digitally and print them on better quality paper. I began to reconsider the way I was distributing my images. I still need print books for some of my speaking engagements but because many people desire the digital method, that will be my next release.


When you’re working on creative projects, there is something to be said for “to thine own self be true,” but there is something to be said for knowing your audience. Not sure this will be the final cover piece or if this piece will even make the collection but it’s a start.

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