Do You See What I See?

Posted: December 27, 2015 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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1Vision is a tricky thing. There is nothing quite like having a vision for something. The goal looks beautiful but it looks far off and you feel short on resources and before long a beautiful vision beignets feel like an impossible dream. Don’t you believe it. If God laid it on your heart, he will help you to get where He wants you to be.

One reason people fail to see their visions materialize is because they dwell in the land of “if only.” You know, “I could do it, if only I had _____” or I could accomplish my goal if only ___.” Here’s a lesson we can learn from Moses. God calls Him from the burning bush and calls him to a mission. Other than getting on board, Moses begins to make excuses. What if they won’d listen? What if they don’t believe me? God stops him and says what’s in your hand? He’s holding his shepherd’s staff, basically a wooden stick. God tells him to throw it down and it becomes a snake. God took something natural and took it into the supernatural. I think God’s point here that he is totally limitless and can do anything. That all we have to do is trust God with whatever is in our hands and He will do the rest.

Next time you feel discouraged about the length of space between you and your dream, don’t focus on what you don’t have, look instead at what is in your hand. Take what you have, be faithful with it and rust God with everything else.

Next, many of us try to do the vision alone. This is very rarely how it gets done. No instead those of us who have a vision, have a responsibility to help others to see what we see and help them to come on board to help us to make the vision a reality. Most of us need a team. You might think, like Moses, what if they don’t believe me? What if they won’t follow me? Those who don’t get it will not necessarily be your team The best things to do is to find the people who resonate with your vision and move forward with them. They’re out there and the reality you will create together is worth the effort.

So share your vision with others and ask the question…
Do you see what I see?

It’s the first step toward taking visions into reality.

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