creacher5-1amemeThere are a multitude of ways to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We who are creatives have the unique opportunity to make the invisible, visible. One of the things I love to do is cartooning. The unique combination of words and pictures allows me to be really clear. Consider the image you are seeing the the left. It was created for my web comic Creachertoons. The idea came to me one morning and I was able to get it onto the web quickly. It’s just a simple message that juxtaposes Jesus’ power and might with His humble beginnings. It’s a way to help people remember that the baby in the manger is now the King of Kings. I used the lamb to remind us of the lamb of God, our Sacrifice. The baby in the manger became our sacrifice and now reigns forever.

Of course there are a multitude of ways to express this concept. One of my all time favorite songs is Jesus Freak by dcTalk. As I thought about the concept of this post, I thought of the line from the song, “People say I’m strange, does that make me a stranger? My best friend was born in a manger.” It’s yet another way to remind people that there’s a lot more to that little baby. I think we need to remember that and because we are creatives, I think we’ve been entrusted with helping others remember.

I love Christmas, many if not most people do, even unbelievers. Sometimes I worry though that it’s more about the gifts than the Giver. Sometimes I also wonder whether or not we love Christmas because the baby in the manger seems harmless. Christmas is a lot more than a celebration of baby. It’s a celebration of love, of sacrifice. It’s a celebration of incarnation. The Word became flesh. God becomes man. God is born of a woman, a virgin. God grows up, endures the struggles of being human, the temptations, lives a perfect life and an example. He confronts our sin and wickedness. He stands for righteousness, pays a price and comes to our rescue at the price of His own life. Then just when it looks like all hope is lost, He rises again and becomes the very embodiment of hope. He purchases eternal life for us and sets the church in motion. The church is His chosen instrument for pointing people to their Savior and to salvation. It is our task to minister reconciliation to the world. It’s out task to express Jesus. To turn an invisible God visible in word and deed. Creatives, this is our call.

As we celebrate our Savior, as we look forward to a brand new year, how will you express Jesus?

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