kc14colorKing Solomon once wrote “there is nothing new under the sun” and to some extent that’s true. Finding something that has not been done before can be daunting. That being said, there are infinite variations on a theme. Cave walls gave way to stone tablets which in turn gave way to clay tablets to papyrus to scrolls to paper to books to moveable type to printing press to newspaper to radio to television to the internet to smart phones. All these are ways to disseminate information and there will come another. What’s next? Only God knows, but I do know this, it will not come from someone trying to do something that’s tried and true… the status quo… what everyone else is doing. There’s still plenty of room for originality.

Even in trends. Look at what everyone else is doing and try something different. Sometimes even a slight difference can bring a major breakthrough. Look for a problem and solve it, remembering what Einstein said, “A problem will never be solved using the same level of thinking used to create it.” Look for an underserved population and serve them. Find a need and meet it. Try something new. If it fails, take a few notes and try again.

There’s still plenty of room for originality. There will always be pioneers and new frontiers. They’re the frontrunners, the inventors, the people who see a vision and work to make it reality, who see a better way (maybe even a better world) and work to bring it to reality. You won’t get there by being like everyone else and you won’t get there by doing what everyone else is doing…

Be an original, because the truth is as a one of a kind creation of God, you already are.


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