The Importance of Reading the Stories You Already Know… Part 2

Posted: December 13, 2015 in church art ministry resources, Speaking ministry, Storytelling
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Another group of people that show the importance of re-reading well known stories are the Wise Men. Work through this section of the Youth Specialties Christmas Quiz and then we’ll look at them.


If you look at your nativity set, you will probably see the wise men on one side and the shepherds on the other. This is most likely inaccurate. It appears the wise men may have showed up as much as two years later based on the Scripture in Matthew 2. We also usually see three of them and they are usually depicted as kings. Neither of these assumptions is biblical. We probably get this from the song “We Three Kings” or perhaps from the fact that they brought three gifts. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It’s also really easy to overlook the significance of those three gifts. First of all they were prophetic. God is a gift for a king. Frankincense was used in worship and as such is a gift for a God and the embalming spice Myrrh was a gift for someone ho would die. This is a picture of who Jesus is and why He came. The King who is also God who came to die for your sins and mine.

The gifts were also practical as many scholars believe Joseph was able to use these very valuable gifts to support his young family when he had to flee with them to Egypt. God is always good. There are so many more amazing things about this story… The greatest story ever told. It takes only four chapters of the Bible (Matthew 1 and 2 & Luke 1 and 2).

Read it again.

Answers: 11. c., 12. b., 13. d., 14. c., 15. c., 16. b., 17. g., 18. f., 19. d., 20. d

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