I joined a new online community around the subject of adult coloring books so I can share some of my designs and see what people are interested in. Someone was surprised at the type of art I am doing because I am a minister. I found that kind of interesting because nothing I am doing is inappropriate, sexual or violent. I’ve drawn creatures most of my life. I love to do these mainly because many of them are more fantasy, i.e. they don’t exist in the real world, so I can be totally creative. I was trying to explain my work to my new friend and this is what came out.

Much of my work is really, really serious. I do a lot of faith based work and work where it’s really important that people get the point, but sometimes I just want to “play.” The work I am doing for these adult coloring books is play. It’s just fun. It allows me to experiment and try new things. I likened it to when musicians jam. They are still creating, they’ve just removed most of the parameters and rules and just have fun. The byproduct of this jamming is new tricks and techniques are learned. In these pages, which I am now calling Kaleidoscopics. I get to create a small piece of the art, but I don’t get to see the finished piece until it’s assembled. It’s almost like opening a Christmas present. You kind of know what might be in there but the reveal is always sweet.

There is nothing wrong with serious creating. It is still most of what I do, but sometimes it’s nice to just jam. For example this piece I just created. I was thinking of the idea of “thinking outside the box.” I started to sketch open boxes and eventually assembled them into this. I really liked it.


So try it. Strip away the preconceived ideas and just play. You might be surprised what comes out.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are absolutely correct!! We do a lot of art for others, and sometimes it’s fun just to be creative!!! Love what you’re doing, keep it up!!!

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