This morning, I preached on a most unlikely passage of Scripture, Matthew 1:1-18. The reason it’s unlikely is because it’s a long list of names, a genealogy. What makes the genealogy interesting is it’s the genealogy of Jesus. Matthew’s lineage is the lineage through Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father. The other genealogy from the Gospels is found in Luke and many scholars believe it is the genealogy of Jesus through Mary. Jesus is the King God promised David, who would reign on His throne forever and so He would have to come through the line of David. Most people skip this list of names, thinking it insignificant.

This list of names includes a prostitute, an outcast, great kings and terrible human beings, saints, sinners and a whole lot of people who were a little of both. God worked in each of them to bring our world His greatest gift. I think that’s the point of the genealogies. God worked through them and God will work through you, if you will “let” Him. Jesus came to be our redeemer, our Savior and our Lord. If we will submit our lives to Him, no matter who we are, no matter what we have done in the past, He can and will work in us. He will work in you.

He loves you. Jesus is His gift to you, and in a very real way, you are His gift to the world. There is something He created and designed to you. You have the ability to great good in this world, because He created you to do it. Wherever you find yourself today, you need to know you are loved. 
There is purpose and wonder and beauty in your life. Just as all those flawed people were used to bring about the birth of Jesus. You figure into the plan for His return. You are on mission to prepare the way of the Lord. What John the Baptist was in the first coming is what the Church is in the second coming.

Think God can’t use you? You’re wrong! First of all, you should almost never use the words “God” and “can’t” in the same sentence. We serve a God for whom all things are possible. God can use you and He wants to. Will you submit to Him?

Jesus came on Christmas, He is coming again. Will you be found faithful?


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