I watched the 50th anniversary presentation of A Charlie Brown Christmas last night. The opening special was pretty touching except for the fact that several times in the special they tried to reframe the true meaning of Christmas. They talked about little trees and a whole bunch of stuff, but they skirted around what was in the script. Fortunately they left Schultz speak for himself and showed us Linus give us the Gospel.

I’m not sure why people seem to want to PC this story up. This is the story upon which all great stories are based. Good triumphs over evil. The hero rises up out of obscurity, seemingly outclassed and outmanned but sacrifices himself and saves the day. I am so glad Schultz stepped up and told the truth. It may have been easier to do in 1965, but it is as needed today as it ever was.

The true meaning of Christmas is Jesus. The one who came, lived a perfect life, died to set us free and rose again to triumph over death for all who would believe.

Peanuts nailed it!

Remember when i issued that challenge a few days ago. This kind of art is what I am talking about.


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