How To Art: Repeating Patterns

Posted: November 20, 2015 in How to
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There’s a trend that is sweeping the nation, maybe even the world. It’s adult coloring and I for one am a huge fan. So many people feel they can’t make art, but something like coloring feels pretty non threatening, relaxing and fun. Who knows maybe adult coloring can reignite a creative talent long buried or at the very least provide hours of relaxing fun?

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a coloring book for adults. So many of the books I see, look a little bit on the feminine side so I thought I would try one with some more masculine images. Two of the things that are very prevalent in adult coloring books are repeated patterns and mandalas. I wanted to share how one would create designs for these formats.

For today, let’s start with repeating patterns.

This one is easy. I wanted to do one tentatively call Reimagine Dragons. I started off by drawing a dragon. Note that none of the art touches the sides of the paper.

Next I cut the image exactly in half (vertically) and switched the left and right halves of the drawing, leaving an image that looks like this.

Finally I cut that image in half horizontally and switched the top and bottom half leaving an image that looks like this.

The next step can be a lot of fun. You fill in as much of the white space as you want. I figured, “What’s a dragon without some flames?”

Copy the finished piece as many times as you want, put them all together and they look like this!
(Click the image to download your coloring page.)
This is really easy to do. It’s even easier if you have image editing software like Photoshop, but this is also doable with photocopies and your original art. Have fun with it and let me know what you think of it.

Tomorrow I will show you an easy way to make Mandalas.

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