Advent is Coming, How Would You Express It Creatively?

Posted: November 19, 2015 in church art ministry resources
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adventgraphic123Today I was working on developing the advent readings for my church’s upcoming advent services (Sunday, November 29, is the first Sunday in Advent). It has been interesting. I started by writing the readings people in my congregation will read. I went by the traditional meanings for the four candles, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. From here, I want to do something really meaningful, creative and artistic. I’m not really sure what that is yet, so I thought I would float it out there, to see what you think.

I want this advent season to be more than just another retelling of the Christmas story. I want to help people grasp the full weight of what the birth of Christ means to each of us. My greatest desire is for people to not just enjoy a story they already know, but rather to have them see it with “new eyes” and to be spurred on to acts of love and good deeds, life change and calling. In short I want to see Jesus move in all of our hearts, transform and empower us to live out His mission in our world.

The literal definition of the word “advent” is “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.” To be sure, we celebrate the most notable person of all time. May He inspire us to live notable lives in Him!


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