Creative Ministry Manifesto: In the Beginning…

Posted: November 14, 2015 in books, Speaking ministry, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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cmmI have an idea for a new project. I have only a working title at this point (The Creative Ministry Manifesto), but the ideas are flowing pretty smoothly, which always feels great. My goal is a project that will empower creatives and help church leaders who may not feel they are creative to discover their creativity and learn how they can empower creatives in their midst. I am not sure which form this will take just yet, but I thought I would share them here and test the waters with you, my faithful (and very creative) readers. Here we go:

In the beginning was the Word…<

I know I run a credibility risk here as I am somewhat misquoting Scripture. Yes, I know that this passage refers to Jesus, the living Word, more than the Bible, but in the context of this project, that is where I must begin. If we are going to look at using the arts to communicate the Gospel, we need to look at the supremacy of the Scriptures.

In Gospel ministry the truth of God’s Word is paramount. We need to make sure that the way we express God’s unchanging Word expresses what the Word actually says. I personally love to flesh out Scripture. I love to create pictures and word pictures and modern day parables and drama and a whole bunch of other things designed to share God’s truth. I want to make these truths memorable and easy to understand, follow and apply. Care must be taken to make sure that these expressions do not deviate from truth.

The arts may help us to get the point, but the truth sets us free. We start with truth. We express truth, we finish with truth and people find truth. It is this truth that points us to the One who said “I am the truth,” Jesus Christ. Our work here is more than just art, it’s transformative, it’s evangelistic and with God’s help, it’s empowered.

All creative expression, must draw us to truth. When we venture into this area of art and ministry, we are in a very real sense, teachers and preachers. This is a calling from God to be taken very seriously. James 3:1 reminds us, “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” Judged by God and society, our work, our hearts and our motivations will be subject to much scrutiny. Whether fair or unfair, this is truth. I am not saying this to get you to shy away from your calling, but rather to call you to boldness mixed with diligence and bathing the whole thing in prayer.

As Christ-following creatives, we have been called into something wonderful. Work that already gives us tremendous joy, is being empowered to become a tool for reaching and freeing the masses. Honor God and His Word, point people to Jesus and create the very best God-inspired Creations you can.

It begins with the Bible and ends with the Word.

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