Mixed Messages…

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Arts an Activism
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A friend posted this piece of art on Facebook and I knew I needed to share it. Read the gray side of the piece first. How many times have you heard it? People, sometimes loving caring people have said similar things to us, not to be hateful but because they were concerned for our well-being. Have a fall back plan. Something to fall back on when your pipe dream fails. Even as an artist, I have found myself saying similar things to people I love because I could not see a way. Yet I have found a way. Don’t hate the people who try to talk you down from your dream. Most of the time they really love you and want to protect you.

At the same time, read the whole piece now and let it speak to your heart.

About the art: Installation piece made from vinyl, exploration of utilizing a space and having the artwork rely and interact with it
Location: Pillar in the stairwell of the UT Austin Art Building and was up for two weeks
While walking out of the building, you are presented with both sides of the pillar.

This artwork was created for a Digital Foundations course at an educational institution which prompted students to investigate site-specific artwork in a public setting. The format was inspired by Publicis London’s Corners campaign for Depaul UK. In this location, the artwork was meant to interact with the art students of UT Ausitn.

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