My God Reigns!

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Art for Sale
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I have been MGRLogoVintage_largelooking forward to sharing this and now, I can. Over this past Summer, I was looking for some work and I found a new T-shirt company looking for a designer. I made contact and was blessed to find out my work was a fit for what they’re doing. The company is called My God Reigns and the online store is now up and running. I love a couple things about this company. First of all owner Bill Phillips is determined to follow the leading of the Spirit with this company. Secondly a tithe of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt as well as other items, will go to one of several ministries.

Here’s what Bill has to say about his company from the website’s about page:
My GOD Reigns was part of a change of life process I recently went through. I was a very successful IT executive with 30 years’ experience when I believe God had other plans for me. I was at a crossroads career wise. The good old story, working for a management team that did not live the Christian lifestyle and deceit was a normal way of life for them. I prayed about it and God has put me in a place where I pray I can glorify Him. I started My God Reigns after waking from a dead sleep with my mind speeding along with ideas. I needed to get through to folks that don’t know the Lord, or at least not very well; those that are intimidated to walk into a church because of the structure. I felt that I needed to show Jesus in a more relaxed style. A Jesus that is approachable. If people where relaxed around him, they may let their guard down and let Him in a little. Make no mistake, the relaxed approach will still carry very powerful messages. Help someone you know get to know Him. Tell us how we can help. Oh yeah, the most important part….everything you buy, whether on sale or not, we will tithe to one of several missions that we are working with, at that time. You will tell us which one you want your money to go to. We want to make the world a better place. Ask us how you can help.

Our current charities are:

1. Penn State Thon-fights cancer in kids

2. World Hunger-feed the hungry

3. Smile-clef palate surgery

4. Salvation Army-whatever is needed

I love this company and I am looking forward to a long relationship with them. It always does my heart good to do good work that does some good. You can see more about My God Reigns by clicking this link.


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