springfieldIn a few hours, I will step into a new position. I will be serving Springfield Church of the Brethren in Coopersburg, PA as their interim pastor. While I’ve been a pastor before, this will be a new adventure. Springfield is a long established church with established traditions. I have ministered there before, and found the people to be warm and open. I look forward to serving there, but it will be different. As an interim, I am not preparing to be a permanent pastor. Instead I am there to help the church to prepare to receive the pastor the Lord will call. I will serve, pastor, and minister as needed. I’ll be guiding and leading, visiting, teaching and most importantly listening. I’m looking forward to really getting to know the folks and seeing how the Lord would have me lead. My goal is to be an encouraging, Godly pastor for as long as they need me.

In case any of my readers are wondering how this will effect my speaking ministry. Everything that is already booked will go on as scheduled. I will also have one Sunday a month off from the church, in which to continue speaking and painting, I will also have Saturdays and other weekday evenings if anyone is interested. The next few months will require some flexibility, but I really feel strongly that this is a call from God. My prayer is that God will use me to bless the people of Springfield and the pastor God will call for them and that what I learn and gain there will make me better suited for whatever comes next in this ministry journey.

I’m excited for this phase in my ministry journey and covet your prayers.

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