Speedpainting 101… Brushes and Paint

Posted: September 3, 2015 in How to
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One of the questions people ask me on a fairly regular basis is what kind of paint I use. The short answer is acrylic. The main reason is it dries very quickly, which is really important when you are trying to layer paints quickly.

0051950000000-st-04-beautyI tend to go with a heavy body paint, while many speed painters use liquid latex paint, their environment is different than mine. Their clients don’t seem to mind flying paint, the churches where I do my work would tremble in fear with that level of splattering. This is a real consideration. Think about it. The person who brings you into a church, the person who pays the bill, is usually the pastor or another staff member who answers to a lot of people and would be in serious trouble if my paint flies hits carpet.

Node-IOGLO000030000900001000040000H0001M0001L0000E000020000J0001Y00002009SK.ViewAssetOne of my main goals is to make the people who bring me in glad they brought me in. Of course, my most important considerations are Spiritual, but I also want to be a blessing to the church leadership. My goal is to edify the church and glorify God. I can’t really do that if I know there are going to be furious trustees because I made a mess.

100589545I don’t use overly expensive paint. My favorites are Liquitex basics. They tend to stand up and cover the black boards on which I paint and blend nicely. The reason I go with an inexpensive paint, is due to the volume of paint I go through. I often do five large paintings in a night. I especially go through tons of black and white paint. I tend to use a more flowing paint for these colors. It dries even quicker and the white lays a nice base and the black is strong enough to cover all the colors, flowing nicely for line work, which is a staple in my speed painting. I use Michael’s store brand, Artist’s Loft flow black and white. I also use the black to cover my surfaces.

1500-2TAs far as brushes go, I have to admit, I use the cheapest ones I can find. The reason for this, is I beat them up frequently. Clean up can be difficult and I don’t feel bad about throwing them away if they go bad, for detail brushes I tend to use similar texture brushes to the chip brushes and some nylon brushes. The largest brush I use are two inch chip brushes and the smallest are probably about 3/8 inch though I will occasionally go a little smaller, again I don’t spend a lot on these.

You may be a little disappointed in this list, but the truth is, I want to do the best work I can with supplies that will fit the budget I have. These supplies have made me able to do some really effective work, and that work helps me tell the story, which is the most important thing.

In my view (and you may be different), the art serves the story.

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