Sitting It Out… Dealing With Disagreement

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Speaking ministry, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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sio1A few years ago, I was about to do some art in an event… a Christian event… an outreach event. It was announced that one of the groups invited to participate was from a type of church that was decidedly not Christian. Some Christian folks backed out, worried they might be associated with that group, and I was asked if I wanted to sit this one out as well. My response was “no.”

Here’s why. First of all I am called in Scripture to be salt and light. There is also an admonition to make the most of every opportunity. Finally, when believers sit out of things because other groups show up, our voice is not heard. That makes no logical sense. Sitting out because this group came would not have effected the other group at all. Their message would have been the only one heard that day. Their message would have gone forth whitely Gospel stayed at home. Secondly, I don’t dislike these people. They simply do not believe in my God. I believe my God is the one true God. How will they ever come to know Him if we sit out every time they show up? I think it’s better to go where I am invited to go and at the very least add the Gospel into the mix. I think Jesus is strong enough to shine through.

And it’s a lot better than the Gospel sitting this one out…


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