No I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. As I sit here this morning I realize this is the longest I have gone without posting since the early days of this blog. Don’t worry I am about to catch it up. I was ministering over the weekend at the beautiful Liberty Raymond Tavern in Greene, OH from Wednesday to Sunday. I made the 320 mile drive Wednesday morning only to discover that I left the mighty MacBook’s power cord sitting at home and I thought I would need the charge in the machine for my presentations, so I left the MacBook closed for four days.

Other than missing blogging it was kind of nice to unplug for a little while. Oddly enough the Lord was leading me in some different directions for my presentations, so I got to create some new things, which were both stretching and fun. The end result is I have a few new presentations to use when I minister and I have an increased trust in the Lord’s ability to inspire and provide. It was a great time away…

I will catch up today.


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