Too Many Ideas… PICK ONE!

Posted: August 21, 2015 in books
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STARTFINISH COVERLet me start off by saying having too many ideas is a good thing. While ideas that are not acted upon are basically useless, ideas are the seeds of accomplishments, happiness, success. Don’t let them go to waste, record them, write them down, retain them for future reference. The issue is not too many ideas, it’s indecision. You need to take one (or two at the most) and begin to act upon it. In other words, you need to start bringing it to reality. You need to do the work of making the invisible visible. You need to take concept to completion. You need to make the idea tangible, you need to make it real. You need to start and once started, you need to finish, and once it it finished you need to share it with the world. It all starts with a decision. Which idea do I start and carry through.

Start now… Pick one of your ideas, the best one, the one with the best chance of coming to completion and dig in. Realize you won’t always know how to get to the end of the rainbow, and you may not have everything you need at inception, but the first step between the dream and making it real is to choose it and then start. You recorded those other ideas. They won’t go away. They’ll be there when you’re done with the idea at hand, but you really need to commit to finishing this one first.

Pick one of those ideas and run with it.


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