If you’re a creative, you’ve probably already figured out that we don’t seem to function like everyone else. Most people to struggle to come up with ideas, we struggle to stop coming up with ideas and actually get something done. Right now the rest of the world would read this and say, “Cry me a river.” I feel your pain. There are so many things going through your head that it gets hard to focus. Compound that with the fact that not only do we have ideas, but we have ideas about our ideas and some of those are crippling which keeps us from acting on our best and brightest ideas. It’s like ADD on steroids and it is enough to drive you crazy. I’ve been there too, but this is not a site to whine about our problems. It’s a place to find solutions. (In my new book, Start…Finish…Ship…Repeat… we will cover this in great detail, but here are the basics.)

1. Do NOT lament too many ideas: Most of the world would kill for what we have, appreciate it. Lamenting is the first step to procrastination.
2. Respect your ideas: Especially for those of us who consider ourselves people of faith, there should be at least the slightest inkling that at least some of these things may well be divinely inspired.
3. Conversely, not all ideas are divinely inspired: Some of them come from really dark places. Watch your thoughts carefully. It’s okay to edit, and beneficial to eliminate those that are overtly destructive. (In other words, if it’s harmful to you or others, it’s probably not God,)
4. Record your ideas. Get them down on paper, get a voice recorder, or put them into your phone, but keep them somewhere, where you can access them.
5. Pick one and take it as far as you can.
6. When you hit a snag, find what (or who) you need to finish.
7. Finish the project. The purpose of ideas is to convert them into reality.
8. Ship the finished project: An idea has no value until it’s shared.
9. If you have other ideas in the process, repeat step four. Then, unless you get bolt from the blue, divine inspiration, put the idea file aside and finish what you started.
10. As soon as the idea ships (however you release it to the world) begin your next project.

Obviously, it’s a little more complex than this, but the basic truth is, we lie to ourselves about our ability to multitask. Most of the time what we are really doing is feeding our own egos about how multidimensional, multitalented we are, without accomplishing very much. There are a multitude of great things you can do.

Pick one and do it…


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