Today’s post is going to be short. I am about to head out preach at Mohler Church of the Brethren in nearby Ephrata, PA. I love that I get to minister the Gospel and am grateful for every church that opens their doors to my ministry. I love getting the opportunity to worship in a wide variety of different churches, with a wide variety of different styles. I think I am in a very special place, to be able to see so much of the body of Christ.

People (including me) have a lot of preferences when it comes to worship. We may like different types of worship styles, music styles, etc. Some like liturgical, some are more contemporary, classical, traditional, etc. Some are loud and demonstrative, some are more quiet and introspective. Then of course there are all the denominations. You know what I’ve found. All these people, love Jesus and want to honor Him and I think that’s the point. It’s easy to get competitive with the church down the street. It’s easy to make our preferences “right.” I would urge us all to be careful with that. Oh, I’m sure there’s some bad doctrine out there and we all need to be good Bereans checking things out against the Word, but at the end of the day, all those other folks aren’t our competitors, their our brothers and sisters.

My belief is that all these different expressions of worship are the result of a merciful God inviting a multitude of differently wired people into His loving presence. It’s for us, a gift from a loving God, to worship Him in a way that works with how He made us as individuals.

Worship is derived from “worth-ship.” God is worthy of our worship. Find the congregation where you “fit” and lift your praises to Him. He is worthy!


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