Okay, What Do You Need? Looking for Ideas for My Next Book

Posted: August 6, 2015 in books
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I am in the process of beginning my next book and I’d like to know, what would be the most helpful thing I could write about for you in your journey as a Christian in the Creative Arts? Let me know in the comments.

  1. imdonna says:

    Hi, Dave!
    I left a reply when I read this, but I have NO idea where it got posted! So….what I said:
    I would like to see a book or series of articles on how to utilize WordPress or other blog sites to share our artwork. How do we choose the best template…or blog site to carry our work? And for those of us who are truly technically challenged; how to upload, download, and organize the photos and artwork for viewers to enjoy? I am totally overwhelmed at this stage of the game…I would love to be able to offer coloring pages for people to download …..but haven’t a clue as to how this is done! So….a book…..or better yet a class or workshop would be the most useful tool from my perspective!
    Thank you for your constant and consistent encouragement and “nuggets” which you share; they do make a difference, and they are appreciated!

    • amokarts says:

      Let me do a little digging. I do a lot of my stuff using html because that was what I first learned. I know it’s easier in WordPress. I’ll keep you posted. Probably won’t be a book more like posts or a course.

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