Phil Robertson on Government…

Posted: August 2, 2015 in books, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I usually stay away from politics, but I am reading a book someone gave me as a gift, unPHILtered by Phil Robertson. I have to admit, this guy is fascinating. I decided to share this because it’s something I’ve been saying about politics for quite some time. Really it’s not about politics it’s about the church being faithful to it’s call to spread the Gospel.

“Ungodliness is running our country. It’s the electorate that we’re seeing in our nation’s capitol. The problem is not just our elected officials—it’s the ones who put them there. Our nations elected then and they are an exact representation of who we are as a country. The people of America put them in office, so we need to quit bellyaching, gripping and complaining about them. The reason they’re in our government to begin with is because ungodly people elect ungodly politicians Elected officials in a democracy re simply replicas of the electorate. They are a reflection of who our country is made of. We are the Problem.”

God gave us a mandate to spread the Gospel and make disciples. Translation, followers of Jesus. If the country doesn’t look like Jesus, and the government doesn’t look like Jesus, maybe the church needs to look like what we are doing in relation to being more like Jesus and sharing their faith in Jesus, and helping people to come to know, love and follow Jesus. It’s not about becoming more political correct, it’s about becoming more like Jesus. It’s about following God’s Word, not changing it. It’s about Jesus!

In a democracy (or a representative republic which is what we actually have) better government and a better nation, comes from better people. Real change, life change, requires Jesus. The church needs to stand up and share the Gospel to bring about real change.

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