creativity kickersI know it seems like I am really cranking things out right now, and to some extent, I am, but truthfully this book has been written for six months, I’ve just been sort of agonizing over how to put it out. My vision was for this to not be a book at all but rather a card file system filled with creative prompts. The problem was to have that made would cost more than anyone would be willing to pay. Then, one day while working on another book, I got an idea. Publish it as a book where people can cut it apart into cards if they desire or leave it in tact and use it as a book. Here is the basic concept:

This unique book contains 500 creative prompts for artists/designers, writers, inventors and anyone who wants to expand upon his or her creativity. Designed in a unique card file format, the book can be cut apart and converted into a card file or left in tact as a reference. There are a multitude of ways this book can be used, from blindly picking a card and doing whatever it says to selectively choosing your next project. The idea is to kickstart your creativity, smash through creative blocks and get you creating.

I hope you like the book, but more than that, I hope it gets you over any creative hump you may be at and gets you back to creating great stuff. Click here to get your copy.


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